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Welcome to the SBDNC Monthly Style Subscription Service! I am so excited to add you to my fashion family!

For any questions regarding the style service, please don't hesitate to reference the FAQ page or email me directly at!

If you're currently subscribed as a Stylish Bombshell, Fashion Maven, Style Icon, Runway Elite, or Parkway Elite member, your subscription service starts on the First Wednesday! All Blog Only members, your subscription starts on the 5th!

You will receive your welcome email based on the time of sign up. That email will include your monthly schedule, information about the program, and what to expect during the program. 

If you're a Stylish Bombshell member, you will receive your looks on the First Wednesday and First Friday only.

If you're a Fashion Maven, Style Icon, Runway Elite, and Parkway Elite member, you will receive your looks on the First Wednesday, First Friday, and every Friday following!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at

I hope you enjoy the program! I am so excited!

-D. Ni'Cole 



Welcome to the Style by D. Ni'Cole Fashion Program!

Your single look(s) will be completed within 24-48 hours; however, the stylist will attempt to complete the task before that time frame. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Remember, you have to consult the stylist before purchasing the styling service. If in the event that you have purchased before consulting the stylist, it's no problem! Please contact D. Ni'Cole (it's D. Ni'Cole...not Nicole) at to discuss the desired look/looks of your choice and how she can further assist you.  

In the event the stylist cannot help you at this time, a refund will not be issued. You may use the money towards an additional look/looks or use a/the credit for any upcoming looks. 

This is a safe and friendly fashion environment. Understand that the stylist is only one person trying to serve her fashion community in the most professional and efficient manner. You will be served in the quickest way possible.

Under no circumstance will a rude or violent customer be served. This is fashion, not curing a medical issue! Patience is the ultimate virtue!

The Single IG Look service is for the way the original look appears on Instagram. The only substitution that can be made is with the footwear. Other substitutions MAY be considered but not guaranteed.

All & all, your participation is appreciated! 

Please email (not send a DM) if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

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